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Whodunnit? Episode 6 Review: Poor Geno

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The game now becomes a three on three affair, now that Sasha and Dana were immortalized. How did they both die. Both were sleep, suffocated, slit, froze in the morgue and placed there by the piano.

There were footprints by both rooms. It seemed the footprints matched a particular shoe, possibly a dress shoe, like Bruno Magli. I'm assuming the killer wore those shoes (O.J. Simpson reference). In the re-enactment, the killer is also wearing a hoodie. Trayvon Martin supporter, perhaps? And other clues appeared including notes in the piano and the piano seating and a way to open the bedroom door.

Giles took the remaining six to the underground cinema, where they are met with replica wax figures. A film in black and white was shown, which included valuable clues. The remaining guests later tore down the figurines. All of the guests did, except Cris, who found a way to guess what? A second morgue! Good work Cris! This second morgue was located behind a door where the chemicals and scalpels are located. Cris pushed it out and voila! A secret opening! This second morgue is where Cris found a hunter knife. The scalpel and hunter knife were both used on Sasha and Dana to drain the blood out. Both were slit in the wrists, like what emos do when they are frustrated.

Cris was truly the MVP of the night, even though I'm skeptical. She might be an agent for a mafia or organized criminal gang just to betray the other guests. Either that, or she might had a relationship within the criminal community, and that she is being used as their plot of power. I'm also skeptical about both morgues in Rue Manor. I'm certain the original proprietor must have been a former county medical examiner and was using the space below in case the bodies at the main location overflow, that the Rue Manor morgues would be backup.

At dinner, Giles announced that Kam was the first to be spared. But when it came to the 'scared,' it was Geno and Ronnie who got the 'scared' cards of the night. Then Giles would announce that there would be no one dead tonight, and everyone would relax by getting 'laid.' Not what you people want to see, but a different spelling. Try 'lei's.' A Hawaiian Luau!

Later that night, the Hawaiian luau on the living room lobby. Giles made the night, not only dancing to the music at the beginning, but also limboing. I was hoping he'd jump over the stick Javier Sotomayor style as if he's trying out for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in a few weeks in Moscow.

And with Hawaiian luaus, a pig would be roasted. In the WHODUNNIT? universe, someone is about to be roasted. Not exactly. No one was cooked, but when the lights went out whilst having fun, everyone got scared. Something dropped on the floor, and it was a chandelier! The chandelier not only hit the floor, but also collected Geno in the process. Geno was knocked the fuck out like Ivan Drago did to Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. Remember what Drago said after the knockout win?

Someone cut a chandelier cord onto Geno! Poor Geno. It's now down to five, with about three episodes left. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes down to Giles and the killer mano-e-mano on the finale. Great for TV, and would be even greater if AK47 assault rifles and M83's would be involved. It's like watching a film from the glorious days of Cannon Films, especially with Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris in it.

As for the scorecard...

13. Sheri (blunt force trauma, electrocution)
12. Dontae (third degree burns)
11. Adrianna (cart explosion)
10. Don (mauled by puma)
9. Ulysses (fatal horse fall)
8. Sasha (stabbed, immortalized)
(tie) Dana (stabbed, immortalized)
6. Geno (blunt force trauma via chandelier)

Remaining: Cris, Lindsey, Melina, Ronnie, Kam

NOTE: next Sunday night's episode is competing with worthless NFL preseason football.

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